Slutocracy is a website where anyone can submit a name, phone number and other details to forever create a record f that person being a prostitute. The site calls sexworkers “offenders” and encourages the general public to “report an offender” so sexworkers will be taught “a lesson”. There is no mention of clients’ roles or ‘culpability’ in the committing of such “offences”. So, we’ve got slut shaming and whorephobia in one near little package of malicious Naming-and-Shaming Gone Wild.

But wait, there’s more! As no doubt you’ll have guessed, the women featured on the site are more likely the victims of school bullies, colleagues, exes and neighbours than actual sexworkers. So, that’s libel. And any sexworkers who are on the site got there by exes or nasty “friends” who are keen on revenge instead of “reporting offenders”. Some “reporters” may actually be clients who have had a bit of a…

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